Facials for women and men


"Our skin is a mirror to the world. Care for it and it will shine.”

Your face speaks volumes for you. Renew yourself with one of our luxurious facials, for both men and women! Your skin is clean, refreshed, healthy and radiant.
Facial Treatments are customized to fit each individual client’s needs.
Our Facials take place in an individual and enchanting room.
Part of the ritual of our Unique and Special Facials is:

  • Make a good cleansing.
  • Exfoliation.
  • Remove your facial hair (extra cost).
  • The use of different masks to enhance the skin condition.
  • Application of lotions and creams according to the skin type.
  • During the mask we give you a short, (but relaxing) little massage to your feet, arms, head and shoulders.
  • Grooming
Types of Silk Facials

New anti-aging rejuvenation treatment for all types of skin.

Hydrating to balance dry skin surfaces, with a deep rich acting moisture formula makes dry skin smooth and dewy.

Reduces excess oil and shine while moisturizing, (Oily and combination skin).

Great for skin that is oily or combination deep down but suffers from surface dryness.

The skin’s texture is refined. Reduces excess oil and shine while providing balance and moisture deep within the skin.

Designed to soothe, protect and decrease skin sensitivity.

Your skin is cleansed and soothed while you enjoy the calming effects of our custom blended, essential oils and the use of others lotions and creams.

To achieve maximum results we recommend a series of treatments in conjunction with a customized home care program. Ask your estheticians for more information.

Our most advanced facial technology.

Resurfacing, Detoxifying, Rejuvenation.

Spa - Silk Lifting Facial

All our facials take place in an individual enchanting room.

In our ritual, we clean, exfoliate, we use lotion, creams, according to the skin type; during the mask, we pamper you with a short (but relaxing) little massage to your feet, arms, head and shoulders.

Service Cash Card
Special promo Hydra Silk Facial, for all kind of skins

Regular Price $2,000

Promotion Price $2,080

Regular Price $1,500

Promotion Price $1,560

Silk Lifting Facial $1,200 $1,248
Silk Antiaging Facial $1,200 $1,248
Silk Deep Hidration Facial $1,200 $1,248
Silk Skin Purifying Facial $1,200 $1,248
Silk Sensitive Skin Facial $1,200 $1,248
VIP Facial $650 $676
Back Facial $650 $676

*Restrictions apply *Promotions don't mix *Price change without previous notice