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Home Services
Types of home services

It is our most advanced cosmeceutical skin rejuvenation treatment, promotes and stimulates new collagen growth, using Cosmetic Equipment like: Microdermabrasion, Ultrasound, High Frequency, Radio Frequency, etc. Renewing the Skin for more Freshness, Glowing, Appearance.

Like a Facial for the body, it's a combination of body exfoliation, massage and deep hydration. It's amazing for moving the Lymphatic System and releasing stress.

It's develop to transform ordinary manicure and pedicure into extraordinary Spa Service, we Exfoliate, Revitalize and Renew for soothing, smoother, younger-looking hands and feet.

Whether you are looking to mantain your healthy skin or heal dry and cracked hands and feet the cosmetic and healing benefits of a paraffin treatment and numerous.